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6g net carbs*, 40 calories, 8g fiber per serving
* Net carbs are carbs minus fiber.

For goodness sake.
Baked with great care, the wholesome wheat flavor of Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Wheat Bread is as delicious as traditional white bread, with a healthy balance of just 6 grams of net carbohydrates", only 40 calories, plus 8 grams of fiber per serving. The bountiful goodness comes through in every slice, just as it did when the very first loaf came out of the oven over a century ago. Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Wheat Bread is a part of the great Schmidt family line, dating back to 1886 in Baltimore, Maryland, when German immigrants Peter and Elizabeth Schmidt brought much loved recipes over from the old country. Served with pride, from our family to yours. Enjoy!

Schmidt Old Tyme 647 Wheat Bread Loaf

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