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Mandarins are sweet seedless little juice bombs. These bright, tangy gems are high in vitamin C, a great source of vitamins A and B, and a powerful antioxidant. Mandarins are sweet, easy to peel and are smaller than an orange, which makes them the perfect snack for busy people, kids and families on the go. Mandarin oranges are great in many recipes—add them to salads, blend into smoothies and dip them chocolate!

Where Do Mandarin Oranges Come From?

Mandarin oranges are native to Asia. Spanning centuries, the planting of the crop by dedicated farmers has expanded production of the crop into Western Europe, and into North and South America. They are a smaller, sweeter and seedless ancestor of the familiar orange. All varieties of Mandarin oranges have a unifying characteristic of being loose-skinned. Mandarins are easily crossed with other varieties of citrus and can thrive in a number of climates, making it available nearly year-round. The California season peaks in November-May and the fruit is exported in June-October.

Clementine Mandarins (5 lbs.)

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