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Treat yourself to the delicious, sweet taste of Freshness Guaranteed Red Delicious Apples. These apples are known for their classic sweet flavor with mild acidity and creamy white flesh with low acidity. Crisp and juicy, these apples have higher levels of antioxidants due to the rich, deep red skin. Enjoy one with breakfast or lunch or as a fresh snack any time of day. An excellent snacking or juicing apple, the Red Delicious is an excellent addition to green, fruit, and chopped salads, or an unexpected twist to sandwiches, quesadillas, or burgers. You can even pair them with sharp cheeses and crackers to create a stunning appetizer cheese board to share with guests. The possibilities are endless with Freshness Guaranteed Red Delicious Apples.

Freshness Guaranteed provides you and your family with high-quality fresh food that saves you time and money, many of which are cooked fresh or prepared in stores. Convenient solutions with value added in every Freshness Guaranteed item.

Gala apples 5 Lb bag

SKU: 103006
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