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Peppery, sweet, and savory, That’s Tasty Organic Fresh Basil is the herb you should never be without. This royal herb can basil-cally be added to anything from bruschetta to pasta. For a note of freshness, add just before serving! Just triple the amount you’d use for dried basil. No fridge, please! Basil is happiest at room temperature, hanging out in your kitchen. High in vitamin K and manganese, is there anything this herb can’t do? Top a pizza, finely chop and mix with olive oil and other herbs for a delectable dipping oil, craft a mouthwatering caprese salad, or whip up a pesto that will have your family saying you’re the best-o. No matter how you use it, That’s Tasty Organic Fresh Basil will give your dishes a zingy fresh taste.

Organic Fresh Basil, 0.5 oz

SKU: 102017
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