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White Castle� 16ct Classic Cheese Sliders (8 - Two Packs), NET WT 29.28 OZ. Some people say The Original Slider� is perfect and can't be topped. To these people we say, "how about a slice of tasty, melty American Cheese?" The classic combo of 100% beef and grilled onions on our signature bun was already craveable. We just made it more satisfying and irreplaceable. Easy to Heat. Fun to Eat.?, this pack gives you 16 Sliders so you'll always be seconds away from the perfect snack, lunch or dinner. Before school. Or late at night. Try 'em with a couple slices of dill pickles to create that same Castle experience in your home. From our Castle to your freezer. It's What You Crave!

White Castle Classic Cheese Sliders, 16 Count per pack

SKU: 100120
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